Security Considerations

Can you see my data?

Absolutely not! This is fundamental to the design of the Nebula platform - your files are only every transmitted between your device hosting the files, and your device that's accessing them. The remote, which facilitates this communication, only knows where the files are, but it's not capable of accessing them itself.

You can read more about how it works here.

Why no HTTPS?

As you may notice, application pages on StarMap are not served over HTTPS. This is because although it is simple to get a valid SSL certificate for a website, it's a technically very challenging problem to be able to issue them for every single device running a StarMap cloud.

Don't worry - the login pages and most of the site are delivered securely via HTTPS, so your login credentials are secure. When you login, we'll store a token in your browser that can be used to talk to your hosting device.

Alpha Limitations

Until we're able to deliver a fully secured experience using HTTPS, we're using a very rudimentary encryption to hide the contents of your files from any man-in-the-middle attackers. It's not going to keep you safe from getting Mossad'ed, but it will keep you safe from the weirdo in the corner of the coffee shop.

Getting HTTPS working is one of our highest priorities, so stay tuned for updates in this area!

For mor alpha limitations and considerations, see here.