Hosting Your Cloud

When chosing a device to host your cloud, there are a few things to consider. For the best experience, you want to pick a device that's always going to be online. That will ensure that any file changes are always tracked on it, and that wherever you are, the files will be there.

It's probably not the best idea to have your laptop be the only host for your cloud - whenever it's turned off, placed in your backpack or installing updates, your files won't be available. That's not to say that running nebula on your laptop isn't a bad idea - doing so will let you modify your files on the go, with or without an internet connection, using whatever software you already use. It's just best to always have a backup.

Good hosts: A Star, your desktop PC, that old Raspberry Pi you swear you're going to build somehing with someday, a VM in the cloud

Bad hosts: Your laptop, any mobile device (I don't care if you've rooted and installed whatever your favorite flavor of mobile OS, running it nebula on a phone is silly)

Host on a Star

This is the most straightforard setup. Let us do the hard work for you! Don't worry about keeping your laptop on at all times. Find out more about stars here.

Hosting on a Star is what we recommend for most users.

Host on your existing device

You'll always be able to host your own cloud yourself for free. You can find details on how to do that here.

This is recommended for more advanced users, who want more fine-graned control over the hosting of their cloud. You'll need to manage the lifetime of nebula yourself, so if you're not a developer, we recommend one of the other hosting options available.

Deploy to a Virtual Machine in the cloud

If you dan't care about having the cloud sitting on a physical device in your home, we also provide the option to deploy your cloud to a virtual machine running on another cloud service, such as AWS or Azure.

This is a particularily good solution if you don't really care where your data lives. You delegate the responsibility of staying available to a third party, at the cost of the guarantee of knowing exactly where your data is.